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Uplifting on Display

Take ordinary gifts and displays and make them extraordinary with a personal touch and heartfelt meaning.

Current Mood-

"Vienna" by Billy Joel

Do you ever have a song or quote that resonates more than just the words themselves? While listening to Billy Joel, Vienna, the “Slow down, you crazy child, you’re so ambitious for a juvenile,” just hits me differently as I age and see my kids strive for different things in life. Slowing down from the craziness of constant scheduling and checking boxes on an ever-growing checklist, this song always grounds me and gives me a sense of peace when listening to it.

The melody and the straightforward meaning behind Vienna is one that I need as a reminder that it is okay to give yourself a break and find that place where you can be relaxed! Whether it be your backyard or by the water, what is the place that always allows you to take a moment and appreciate the beauty around you? For me, that uplifting place is any form of nature. The tranquility of water or trees, animals or flowers, or any place where I can breathe without being constantly reminded of the next thing.

For you, it may not be a Billy Joel quote or even a song. There may be a phrase that someone you admired said, a leadership quote, or even a Bible Verse that spoke to your heart and grounded you. No matter what it is, there is always something that hangs on and sticks with us more than the moment that it is sung, read, or said. We can remember these notes by writing them down and keeping them in a place just for us, or we can allow that note to speak to others around us by creating something that can be proudly displayed. Signs and imagery are all around us, why not allow your inspiration to uplift another's day or attitude through the artwork you display?

Dolly says it best, "If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one." Journaling is one way that someone can express themselves and look at events from a different angle. For those going through a rough patch in life, a journal creates a safe space for them to process their thoughts. The list-maker on your list would be able to have this one place to keep the ever-growing checklists in their life. Customize a bullet journal to create a centralized organizational flow for those with the busiest schedules. Don't forget the artists! A leather-bound sketch book is the easiest way to support their creative drive and enhance their skills. The possibilities are endless and the meaning behind them as unique as your friendship.

Hanging out on vacation with friends is always one way to have a good time! Who doesn't love relaxing by the pool with their favorite drink in hand? Ensure that you and your friend's drinks stay as cold as when you poured them by pairing it with an insulated mug or thermos. After your memories are made, offer to capture some of those inside jokes, nicknames, dates, or images on your poolside cups. Engraving special information will create a lasting memory that everyone will be able to take with them and remember for a lifetime.

Why not display what means the most to us and be surrounded by the things that we love? At Full Circle Laser and Print Works, we want you to be able to be your best self by creating art that makes you feel at home wherever you are! Take your mantra, whatever it may be, and find a spot where you will see it every day. Make every area that you dwell be one that reflects your personal style and feel.

Inspiration should never be limited to a notebook or a post-it note that sits on our computer. Use the words that are meaningful to you and hang them or use them proudly! Designing your own personal sign is easier than you may think- Create it with us.

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