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Built on Traditions- Weddings with a Twist

4 Ways to Keep with Tradition, but Make It Your Own

Since the 17th Century, we have listened to the rhyme, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” Passed down for generations, this simple phrase allows items to be included in the wedding that will bring luck to the couple. It carries much weight intertwining two lives together through tradition with tangible items that they carry with them as they welcome their new life as a couple. This tradition allows the couple to focus on the meaning behind the items and allow their ‘good luck charms’ to carry them from the wedding and beyond.

Standing alone, these charms may just be items, but the beauty comes from the meaning behind the pieces. The connection between the something old and something new represents the journey that brought the couple together and the future that is to come. Borrowing an item can be interpreted in many ways, but the act itself is one of vulnerability and humility, knowing that you cannot do it all by yourself and trusting that someone you love will always have your back. Something blue is a token that represents the act of pure love and fidelity for the couple from the wedding day forward.

Tradition is at the heart of your wedding, but as you build your own lives together, we encourage you to create your own traditions.

Here are a few ideas of how to take this tradition and make it fit your unique style.

Something Old: Remembering those loved ones that have passed away is a great way to include your them throughout your wedding day.

Something New: From Guest Book to Sign-in Guest Board. Allow your guests to help you adorn your home with memories of their presence for years to come!

Something Borrowed: Instead of something tangible, borrow life experiences. Use a sign at your gift table and receive advice from those you love- create a foundation to last.

Something Blue: Can't think of something blue? Incorporate it into your details! Make it as intricate as your cake or as subtle as your favors. Personalize any aspect with your flair through print or engraving.

Full Circle Laser and Print can help you create your wedding day anyway that you can imagine. Full Circle Laser and Print Works is your place to create beautiful items to give your day a memorable and personable touch that will be unforgettable. From personal one-of-a-kind pieces to rental items to display at your reception, Full Circle can create the perfect design for your vision. We have the resources to help you create what you are seeing in your mind’s eye and make it a tangible piece that you can share with others for years to come. For more information, call us at (260) 740-6004 or visit our website

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